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Sale Price: $7.00
Size: 1 lb  in glass jar
Organic: Yes
Fair Trade: Yes
Origin: Pakistan
Pure Crystal Salt is becoming increasingly popular in the natural foods movement. While the pink crystal salt on the marketplace are often referred to as “Himalayan” salt, the salt mines are not actually located in the Himalayas . In fact, the actual mines where “Himalayan” salt is harvested is approximately 1000 miles from the Himalayas ! This is also same salt has also been referred to as Hunza Salt, yet it does not come from Hunza land or territory at all. We feel that a good name might be “Primordial Salt” or “ Primordial Ocean Salt” because it comes from the original primordial oceans that were covered up by mountains many millions of years ago. Located in remote regions of Pakistan , these mines have developed over many millions of years.
This Crystal Salt is considered by many to be the most pure and beneficial form on the planet. First, the mines were formed from waters that had NEVER been exposed to any impurities. It has had millions of years to mature under great tectonic pressure, far from exposure to any form of environmental pollution. Unfortunately, even the highest quality sea salts can have picked harmful pollutants and heavy metals from the ocean in which they are harvested and dried. Moreover, the salts can contain trace amounts of sharp pieces of sand, which can be irritating to both the villi in the intestinal tract and the delicate cells of our body.
Secondly, all of its eighty-four minerals and trace elements are available in colloidal form . Having continually been pressurized and reduced in size for millions of years, the minerals have become colloidal in size, one of the smallest bioavailable forms minerals can take. This means that such necessary minerals as sodium, calcium and magnesium as well as trace minerals are readily absorbed and utilized by the body.
In earlier times, highly pure forms of Crystal Salt were commonly referred to as “King’s Salt”. Natural salt matured over millions of years under high pressure, and it was not exposed to contamination. In some cultures, salt crystals are treated and valued as precious gems. Even the latin root ‘sal’, which forms the basis of the English word ‘salary’, has it’s origin in the value of pure crystal salt. Both the Greeks and Romans, along with many other ancient cultures, used salt as an important form of currency. Thus, the soldier’s ‘salary’ was often given in the form of salt!
One might wonder if this form salt poses health risks for those with high blood pressure or kidney problems. Yet, it is difficult for our bodies to absorb too much Pure Crystal Salt since this natural process is self-regulating. The kidneys can easily eliminate any excess amounts before problems occur, just as with any other important nutrient Crystal Salt appears to enhance and balance the body’s self regulating properties, so that even our level of blood pressure is better regulated. Thus, it is often found that high blood pressure can be safely lowered and low blood pressure can be safely raised. This is in stark contrast with table salt, whose trace elements, delicate structure and pattern have been refined and processed away.
Pure Crystal Salt is also ideal for the ancient healing method known as Brine Therapy . To administer Brine Therapy , take 2-3 medium to large salt crystals and dissolve in one pint of purified water. It typically takes 1-3 days for the crystals to fully dissolve and stirring them occasionally will speed up the process. Once the solution reaches 26% the crystals will no longer dissolve and the brine is finished. While there are many different uses for the brine, the easiest way to use this therapy is just to add a teaspoon to your water or juice. The body can use the minerals and energy stored in a teaspoon of brine for up to twenty-four hours and then more is needed. This is the most ancient, natural and cost effective forms of mineral supplementation on the planet! The pleasant, milky taste of this brine seems to match the descriptions by those that go to Hunza land and try their mineral-rich glacier water.
OrganicLives Pink Himalayan Primordial Salt Physical and Chemical Properties
Purity as Sodium Chloride (NaCl) 98.00 %
Sodium 38.20 %