Organic Lives | Our restaurant food and beverage menuRestaurant Menu: A Playground of Taste

Salads & Starters
Romaine Lettuce, Almond Croutons, Himalayan Pine Seed
Herb-Infused Dressing
Garden Salad
Baby greens, fresh veggies and sprouts with a tomato-basil or
ginger-garlic dressing
Earth Salad
Julienned vegetables in an Asian infused Mexican marinade, fresh
cilantro dressing served on a bed of romaine
Pineapple, pear, apples, orange & banana julienned on crispy greens
served with chocolate sauce
Mexican Spirals
Bite sized rolls of greens and veggies enrobed in our nacho cheese and
tomato wrap
Marinated Mushrooms
Stuffed with fromage à la crème poivrée
Bruschetta & Peruvian Olive Platter
Handmade bruschetta served with our Peruvian olive medley
Crackers and Cheese
Crackers de légumes served with our trio of cheese spreads
Carrot Avocado Velouté
Carrots, Avocado, Crème de Coco
Our finest fresh herbs and vegetables in a rich creamy tomato broth
Zucchini spaghettini with our fresh cashew dill sauce served with baby
greens and garlic-herb dressing
Nutmeg-Macadamia-Pinoli cheese, sun-dried tomato sauce, hemp basil pesto
with zucchini flats and a caesar salad
Masala Cakes
Almond cakes infused with fresh Indian masala mix and traditional
Thai Curry
Young Thai Coconut with fresh tomatoes, avocado, spring onions and bell
peppers served with an earth salad
Nori rolls with a medley of fresh vegetables and internationally infused
Vegetable flatbread topped with a Pinoli cheese, fresh vegetables,
pineapple, Peruvian sun-dried olives and fresh pesto
Nacho Platter
Veggie, carrot and cucumber chips served with guacamole, salsa, nacho
cheese, sour cream and hot sauce
Filet de Saumon
Breaded filet served with seasonal vegetables infused with a fresh herb
French Country Feast
Lavender bread, cream cheese, chive foie gras, with a tomato and mesclun
mix tossed in pecan oil
Spring Roll
Jumbo sized Thai coconut & Pear roll served with a kelp noodle salad
& an Amazonian nut/mango dressing